Washing Machine Tips


Maintaining clothes is not easy at all! It is always brand new picture perfect once we buy it. The first few trials are pleasing. But, after the fifth or sixth wash is where the problem starts. Maintaining a good washing machine adds a lot to its life and also the quality of the wash. For better performance of your washing machine, follow a few tips and tricks to keep both your clothes and washer happy.
1.    Check for cracks or wear offs in your hoses of the washing machine every month. You don’t want a leak or flood damage at your beautiful home, don’t you?
2.    Make sure that all the four legs of the washing machine are intact on the floor, that is, on the same levels. If not, the washing machine will start to vibrate and will cause the floor and the wall touching beside to get the vibrations as well. The closer the machine is to the floor, the lesser it will vibrate.
3.    Keep the outsides clean. It is to keep your washer, the clothes and your home in general clean and hygienic. Polish it using any detergent or stain remover and that would do it. Remember to do it now and then.
4.    Clean the insides of the dispensers after every wash. The viscous nature of the detergents or fabric conditioner makes it stick to the dispenser and attracts dirt. Use a damp cloth and clean it with luke warm water after every wash. Clean the inside of the washing machine once in every month for the same reason.
5.    Every detergent packet would have different amounts suggested as the bets amount. But, always follow the amount mentioned in the user manual of the machine. That is the ideal amount that the washer would use and the best for your clothes washing.