Sour milk uses- part 1

Are you one of those who throw the milk out if its sours out? WELL, IT IS TIME TO STOP. There is so much that can be done with this dairy!

  1. Make some soft and yummy cheese.

Cottage cheese is so common in Indian households. Instead of getting those cubes from the market, why not make a fresh batch?  Cook the sour milk in a double boiler and simmer till they separate or whey away. Strain the water out and add some cream to the remaining paste. Viola!

You can also make regular cheese by lining a colander with cheese cloth and pouring the curdled milk. Gather it together and hang it in the refrigerator over a bowl.Once the water stops dripping, you’ve got some amazing cheese!


  1. Bake BakeBake

You can use it as a secret ingredient to all your waffles and pancakes.


  1. Mask it: Apply it on your face and let it on for some time. Wash it off for a fresh and soft skin.


  1. Strain out the water, leave some excess water though. Beat the remaining paste a bit; add some sugar to your taste levels. Mix well. You’ve got yourself a sugary and soft treat there.


  1. Make some milk sweet. (Palkova anyone?) Sour milk is the main ingredient of making various other dairy dishes and milk sweet being the people’s favourite. Get creative and do some varieties of milk sweet for yourself.