Plants to have at apartments

Plants at home

All of us love the greenery and nature of the hills and town side. But, not many are ready to maintain a terrace garden or green balcony. People worry about the maintenance mostly. Here are a few interesting plants to grow that would not take much of your time to be looked after. The best part? It is apartment friendly.

  1. Pilea Aluminium : It is a simple and yet a pleasing plant. Adequate amount of water and sunlight is all that it needs and it is ready to dazzle up your balcony. It has wide and bushy leaves that add the peace quotient to your lovely home.
  2. Money plant – A classic plant that is found is almost every household. It can be grown indoors as well. It is also thought to be believed that growing a money plant would bring good luck and prosperity to the household. More the reasons to get one for your house now.
  3. Davallia trichomanoides: It is a delightful fern that is also a creeping rhizome. The leaves look fuzzy and hence are also called a rabbit’s foot. The rhizome extends towards the soil, but they should never be buried. Adequate water and sunlight is enough for this plant. A feeble liquid fertiliser during growing season would do wonders!
  4. Pilea Spruceana: It is a tropical plant that has a lot of colour variants and thus an apt plant if you are looking for something to beautify your home. The ideal temperature for the plant is 70 degrees but it can withstand slightly lower and higher temperatures as well. It grows mostly only upto 4 inches.
  5. Adiantum Raddianum: This is a beautiful pant to have it in your home. But, it cannot have direct contact to the sunlight. It needs medium light and to be grown indoors. It needs a bit of misting and a pebble tray as well.

So, which plant are you getting from the nursery today?