Laugh your worries off!

Laugh your worries off!

Seen in a robe and with chanting beads, a monk with the laughing smile, the one with the big fat tummy and no hair, it does not take much time for one to recognise a laughing Buddha idol.

For years now, the laughing Buddha has been viewed as a symbol of happiness, prosperity and wealth. It is believed that the homes which possess this idol attract a lot of positive energy which in turn brings all the prosperity to the family.

To increase the positive vibe that is attracted by the idol, make sure that a few things are taken care of.

RUB HIS TUMMY DAILY! : The laughing Buddha loves to get his tummy rubbed and praying for your wish while rubbing his tummy daily pleases him. There are different kinds of laughing Buddha idols, each for a specific reason.

If your intention on having a laughing Buddha idol is to attract wealth, then make sure your idol hold golden beads (nuggets like balls) in its hands. You can also opt for an idol with a bag of coins or gold. You also find the idol sitting on a good luck frog and if it has a coin in its mouth that is most opted for this wish of yours as well.

If you generally want good luck and prosperity as blessings, choose a laughing Buddha that holds a bowl. It symbolises receiving good fortune towards your home.

If you want spiritual understanding and insight in your life, prefer an idol with a fan. This fan that the Buddha is holding is called as an oogi. This oogi is believed to fan away all the negativity that are coming towards you and thus leaves only positivity surrounding around you.

If you wish for a long life, then you should get the idol wearing a hat, a big one. This is not generally attracting the materialistic things you’d wish for, but, ensures positivity in your long life ahead.

It is also believed that gifting a Laughing Buddha to someone would take down yours and gift it to the other person. FALSE!

This does not necessarily happen if your intention is to genuinely wish them prosperity.