Cleaning tips for burnt vessel

Everyone always has that face on when it comes to washing the dishes. If the food is burnt and is stuck to the walls and that’ it, getting them off is the biggest headache of the day. Everyone always has some trick to get them off. Here are a few for your help.

1. Soak some baking soda with water in the vessel for 15 minutes. Scrub it off with after some time and see the vessel magically
2. If the baking soda does not work, and the soot is still stuck, you can try soaking some vinegar along with water and baking soda.
3. Use some salt as a scrubber. The fine particles of the salt help in removing the scorched parts.
4. If you have a burnt ceramic pot, pour some water into it and bring it to medium flame. Add a bit of baking soda to it. Once it starts simmering, try scraping the soot out. That should help you. If it doesn’t, add some dish wash to it after bringing it down, let it soak and the soot should come out leaving you vessel clean.
5. You can also try adding hydrogen peroxide instead of baking soda while having water mixed in the pot on a medium simmer. The water should boil up and simmering for 10 minutes should do the trick!
6. Magically wonderful, the market now has magic erasers that doubles as a sponge and a scrub usually used in bars. You can use it to clean off the burnt dirt away in a jiff!
7. If you do not use a dishwashing detergent, a fabric softener as the same effect and can be used to soak and clean off the dirt with a little effort.
8. Break your heart and pour some coke on the pan. Let it soak in and you can notice that the burnt pieces come off slowly. Once you notice a considerable amount of dirt out, you can scrap them off.
The basic funda of all these tips is to release carbon dioxide in your vessel so that the reaction would release the substances stuck to your vessels.
Try more such experiments to keep your kitchen happy and yourself, the EZ way!